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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 07:10:14 -0800 (PST)From: Tim Mead Subject: Dr. Tim and the Boys, ch. 6Dr. Tim and the BoysThe following story is fiction. It involves sexually-explicit erotic events between males. If you are offendedby such material, are too young, or live in an area where itis not allowed, don't read it. In the world of Lolita Forum this story,the characters don't always use condoms. In the real world,everyone should practice safe sex.The author retains all rights. No reproductions or links toother sites are allowed without the author's consent.I want to thank Evan, Patrick, Ash, and Tom W. for steadfastencouragement and lots of helpful ideas as I worked on thischapter. I also want t thank all you guys who have writtento me about the story. Since chapters 13, 14, and 15 are inthe works, it's too late for story-line suggestions, but I'dlove to hear from you. As always, my special thanks to Tomfor the editorial help. - Timtimmead88Yahoo.comChapter 6: Good Therapy, Bitter MedicineAbout a week after Tim was confronted by the masked studentsin his office, Cedric stopped by after their lit class. Asusual, he closed and locked the door."I hope people don't notice that you do that every time youcome in here," Tim said."Relax, boss," Cedric said, lacing his fingers behind thesmaller man's head and pulling it against his chest. "Ichecked. No one's around." They stood like that for acouple of minutes, slowly rocking together. Sounds frompeople passing up and down the hallway filtered in, but itwas otherwise quiet in the office.Then, to Tim's disappointment, Ced pushed his lover away toarm's length. "I came by to tell you that I have thosepapers done. I just want to proof them one more time. Myprof's a bitch about errors."Tim smiled. "I know there's some hurry here, but I WOULDrather have you take your time and edit both paperscarefully.""I HAVE, man. I just said I wanted to do it one last time.""Ced, I do need to work a while to get ready for thisevening's class. We're both a little behind, you know. Youcan just drop the papers off here. I plan to be in allafternoon.""No, lover, you're not. You have to get caught up quick!I'm going to be at your place at 1:30, and you better bethere."Frowning, Tim asked, "And just why is that, Mr. Jones?"Instead of answering, Ced grabbed his package, bounced it acouple of times, and asked, "Haven't you forgottensomething, professor?"Puzzlement turned to realization as Tim said, "Oh. You mean. . . today's the day?" By this time he was smiling up atthe younger man."Yassuh! Today be de day!""Twit! I've TOLD you not to do that. It makes me squirm tohear you do that minstrel show dialect.""I'll make you squirm, hot stuff. Look, it's like this.You know Black folk can use the word "nigger" but White folkcan't? Well, nobody else better talk to me like that, butthat doesn't mean I can't use it jokingly once in a whilewith my friends. And my lover.""OK, big boy, if you must. Now, if I've got to get readyfor tonight and be home by 1:30, I've got to get busy."Ced unlocked and opened the door. He started to leave, thenturned back. "Oh, Tim.""Yeah?"Giving his most twinkly look he said, "You're gonna loveit!" With that he was gone, leaving the door open..Adjusting his hard, leaking dick as he did so, Tim sat athis desk and tried to prepare for the evening's class, buthis thoughts were on the last glimpse he had of Cedric's assas the younger man stepped into the hallway..* * *When Tim got back to the apartment, he changed into a t-shirt and cargo shorts. He took off his glasses and put inhis contacts. Padding into the kitchen in his bare feet, hefixed a salad, reminding himself that he needed to pay moreattention to eating healthful foods.As he washed his dishes and tidied up the kitchen, Tim wasthinking about what was going to happen. This was asignificant moment in his life. He could always tellhimself that what Trey did the previous weekend wastantamount to rape. He knew that there was a prevalentethos among men which said you could stick your peniswherever you wanted, and that was OK. But if you letsomeone stick it in you, then you were gay. But he hadinvited Ced to fuck him. Here was his Rubicon. He mightback out now and persuade himself that this had been a madinterlude brought on by the things that were done to him byTrey, Chaz, and Mark. He hadn't yet brought himself to sayanything to Amy, either. So, yeah, he could call it alloff.`I COULD call it all off,' he thought. `But I don't wantto. I'm sorry about Amy, and I'll have to find a way totell her the engagement's off. I don't have to tell herwhy, just that I've found someone else. Shit, she'll findout eventually, I suppose. But no Lolita Forum one, certainly not Amy,has made me feel emotionally or physically the way Ced does.He's the one I want in my life. It seems impossible that Ishould feel as strongly about him as I do, but there it is.I want him to fuck me, to claim me as his, just as I'vealready claimed him. I've already begun to worry about whathappens this summer. I don't even know what his summerplans are.'At 1:25 Cedric Lolita Forum tapped lightly on the door, came in withoutwaiting, grabbed Tim, put both hands on his ass, and liftedhim into a kiss.When they broke, Tim said, "Whooo, you don't fool around, doyou stud?""Not when there's lovin' to be done! Here. Take these," hesaid, offering Tim the papers he'd promised to deliver. "Howsoon can you read them?""Depends on what happens this afternoon. But I promise thatI'll get to them after my class tonight. I won't go to beduntil I've read them." Lolita Forum He put Ced's two essays on thekitchen table."Fantastic," Ced exclaimed, smiling. "Now, let's get downto business.""I thought bringing me those essays WAS your business. Isthere something else?" Tim asked, a broad grin on his face.Pulling his polo shirt over his head, Ced replied, "Littleman, you have no idea! Now come on into the bedroom." Hetook Tim's hand and led the way."Now, honey, get out of your clothes. We're going to take ashower.""Do I smell?" Tim asked. "I took a shower this morning.""Sometimes, professor, you need to get with the program. Ofcourse you don't smell. This shower's for fun!""You're going to do me in the shower?""I hadn't even thought of that," Ced responded, waggling hiseyebrows, "but it's a possibility."Tim dropped his Jeans, his cock already tumescent.Cedric sat on the edge of the bed to take off his sneakersand socks. Then he stood and dropped his shorts. Like Tim,he had been freeballing. His arousal was also signaled bythe state of his cock. Tim loved the fact that it wasseveral shades darker than the rest of Ced's skin."Wait just a minute, studly," Tim said. Like Nick whenDaisy first visited his house, he had Lolita Forum thought of the stateof his towels. He went to the linen closet and pulled outan armload of bath towels, which he took into the bathroom,dropping them on the floor. He removed the used towels fromtheir rods and put them in a hamper. "Now," he said, "let'sget wet."Tim turned on the water, waiting until it warmed up, thenadjusting it for temperature. The shower was over thebathtub, so they couldn't both be under the head at the sametime. There was plenty of room for both of them to stand inthe tub, however, and both promptly stepped in.Cedric gently moved Tim under the shower head, getting himwet all over. Then he reversed their positions, so that Timwas not directly under the stream of water. Getting hishands as soapy as he could, he began to rub Tim's shoulders.He noticed that the word "COCKSUCKER" in large lettersacross Tim's chest was beginning to fade a little. Workingslowly, he soaped up each arm, then back to the shoulders.He worked his way around each pec, down the ribcage andstomach, sticking a finger in Tim's navel just long enoughto make him laugh. Turning Tim around, Ced soaped his waydown Tim's back, all the way to his tight little buttocks.Again, he noticed with relief that the words above Tim'sbutt were fading, too.`Those guys DO need to pay for this,' he thought.He took the soap again, saying to Tim as he did so, "Now,babe, just lean over a little for me."Looking over his shoulder, Tim asked, "You aren't Lolita Forum reallygoing to do me here, are you?""One of these days, fer sher! But that's not on today'smenu. So just bend over." Cedric used one big hand tospread Tim's cheeks, the other to thoroughly soap his crack.Letting go for a moment to soap up his middle finger, hethen began to tickle Tim's rosebud with the tip of it.Laughing, Tim asked, "What ARE you doing?""Relax. This is all in the name of good hygiene." Withthat, he began to insert the finger slowly.Tim grunted, then leaned forward so he could put his handsflat against the wall at the end of the tub. "It neverfeels that good when I do it," he purred."Sweetheart, you ain't felt nothin' yet. This is just toget you all nice and clean inside.""Makes sense. But your tool is longer than your finger.""It's not my tool I'm thinkin' about, babe. Now, just relaxand enjoy."Tim "enjoyed" as Cedric wiggled his finger around, strokingTim's nut occasionally in the process, causing him to moanappreciatively.When Cedric removed the finger and washed it off, Tim said"Awwww!""The best is yet to come, Timmy." He then carefully andlovingly washed Tim's cock and balls, with the expectedresult. Junior, who had been half hard Lolita Forum through the bathingprocess, became completely hard. Running his hand over theplace where Tim's pubes should have been, he commented,"Hmm. Growin' some stubble there, li'l stud. Soon you'llbe able to shower at the gym again." Then he began gentlystroking Tim's hard cock with his soapy hand."Better lay off, big guy. The afternoon is young, and Idon't want to come yet.""OK, OK. Just let me do your legs, and then you can washme." He carefully washed each of Tim's legs, spending alittle Lolita Forum extra time in the crotch area.They switched positions. Cedric, who had been closer to theshower spray than Tim, was already thoroughly wet. Timremembered what Cedric had done and repeated his actionsperfectly. When he went so far as to stick his soapy fingerup the younger man's ass, Cedric said, "Honey, I don't thinkyou've figured out yet just what I've got in mind for you,but you can stick your finger up there ANYTIME you want!"Cedric's cock had been standing at attention throughout theshower. When Tim began to run one soapy hand up and downthe shaft while he massaged Ced's big balls with the other,the recipient of all the attention moaned. "Oh, Tim. I seewhat you mean. You'd better quit, man. I've been saving upfor what's yet to come."They rinsed off, stepped out of the shower, and gently,lovingly, dried each other off.Back in Lolita Forum the bedroom, Cedric asked Tim to lie face down onthe bed."Ced, I'd really like to look at you while we're doingthis.""Just do as you're told, boy," Ced growled.It crossed Tim's mind briefly that he really was at thebigger man's mercy. But he also knew that he had nothing tofear from Cedric, so he lay face down on the bed."Spread your legs a little, so I can get in there.""But . . . Lolita Forum ""Ssshhhh!"Tim spread his legs and waited. He presumed Cedric wouldreach in the bedside table drawer and get the lube. Thatdidn't happen.Cedric grabbed his cheeks and separated them. His breath onTim's anus made the smaller man jump."Ced, what are you doooiiiiinnng?" he exclaimed as he feltCedric's tongue on his rosebud.Cedric merely growled, which made Tim jump again, but whichalso served to let Tim know that he was to shut up and enjoywhat was happening.Squelching thoughts that it must be nasty for Cedric, Timrelaxed and gave way to the sensations of having his holetongued. Gripping the pillow with both hands, he didn'tknow whether to laugh or scream, so he did a little of both- into the pillow. (His neighbors knew he lived alone. Hecertainly wouldn't want them to know he was having sex inthe middle of the afternoon.)Cedric chuckled at Tim's reaction, and the chuckling merelyintensified the sensations Tim was having. He pulled backto lick Tim's cheeks, his crack, his "taint," as Tim writhedand moaned. Then he returned to Tim's hole, this timeinserting the tip of his tongue."Ohmygod!" Tim exclaimed. "That's got to be disgusting, butit feels SO GOOD!""Not nasty, lover. Yummy. I cleaned you out good,remember?""Sheesh," was all the professor could think to say.Awash in a sea of unanticipated sensations, Tim moaned andwiggled and blissfully enjoyed. Cedric's tongue exploreddeeper and deeper.Eventually Cedric stopped what he was doing. "OK, lover. Ithink that's got you wet enough you won't need lube.""Lube, what's lube?" Tim asked."Now, babe, this may hurt a bit. `Sneaky' is a littlebigger Lolita Forum than Trey's tool.""'Sneaky'?""Yeah, Sneaky the Snake. He's always popping up and gettingme in trouble.""Well, I hate to tell you this, but he's not as big aroundTrey's dick. I am going to LOVE Sneaky.""You better!"All this time, Tim had been on his stomach. Rolling over onhis back, he saw Cedric, cock rampant, smiling at him. "Dome, babe," Tim pleaded.Cedric reached into the drawer, pulled out the lube, andbegan to slick up his cock. "I've got you so wet weprobably won't need this," he said, "but I don't want totake any chances. Don't want to hurt my daddy boy."He knelt on the bed, grabbed Tim's legs, and pulled thesmaller man toward him. He put Tim's legs on his shouldersand the Lolita Forum tip of his cock against Tim's hole. Tim wished hecould will his hole to open up for his lover, but it didn't.All it took was a slight push from Cedric, however, and thehead popped in. Ced's tongue work had obviously loosenedeverything up nicely."Oooof!" Tim said."That hurt?""Only a little. Wait just a minute till I get used to it."Tim reached up and began to rub Cedric's nipples. After amoment, he said, "Now, Ced, give me some more.""You tell me if it hurts, OK?""Slowly."Cedric entered Tim so gently that Tim didn't realize he wasfull until he felt Cedric's scratchy pubes against his asscheeks. Tim took a deep breath, looked into Cedric's eyes,and said "I love you. So fuck me!"Cedric began slowly at first, tantalizingly slowly. Timbucked his hips to get his partner to go faster. Finallythey set up a rhythm that both liked, and both were gruntingand groaning with pleasure. Cedric looked down and noticedthat Tim's eyes were closed and worried that his lover hadpassed out. But then he realized that Tim was alternatelytightening and loosening his sphincter as Sneaky pumped inand out."Hey, try that thing I did to you," Tim said. Cedricsmiled, nodded, and began to rotate his hips."OOOOH! No wonder Amy likes that so much!""Who?" Cedric growled."Sorry," Tim said between grunts. "Shouldn't have saidthat."The pumping continued, punctuated by occasional bouts ofCedric's swiveling his hips. Tim was on the greatest highhe'd ever had. This was better even than Cedric's rim job!Cedric noticed that Tim's eyes had a glassy, unfocused look,and he smiled, knowing that he'd brought Lolita Forum his lover to hisbliss. He reached down and rubbed his hand through thepuddle of pre-cum that had collected on Tim's belly. Thenhe took Tim's cock in his wet hand and began to stroke it ashe slowly pumped in and out of Tim's chute.Tim's eyes opened wide. After about three simultaneouspumps and strokes, he arched his back and shot cum all overhimself, from his chin to his belly. That was all Cedricneeded, and he exploded inside his lover. Taking Tim's legsoff his shoulders and putting them down on the bed, hecollapsed on top of his spent partner.They lay like that for a few minutes, catching their breath,coming down from the high. "That was amazing!" Tim said."You liked that, did you?""I could feel it coming up through your cock. And then, Iswear, it was hot when it erupted into me. I could reallyfeel it." He licked, then kissed the side of Cedric's neck."I've read about simultaneous orgasms. I think we just didit.""Near enough, Ced, near enough. Hey, you must Lolita Forum read somestrange stuff.""Well, professor, it will be my pleasure to introduce you tothe wonderful world of `Nifty.'""Nifty?""Later, babe." Cedric said, wiggling so as to smear aroundthe cum on Tim's body. "You're a regular cum factory.""It took you to stimulate all that, you know.""Don't you think we'd better have another shower?""MMMMMM! Sounds good! But this one had better be quickerthan the last one. We still have something to talk about.""If you say so," Cedric replied.* * *Showered and dressed once more, the two sat together on thesofa in the living room. Cedric had his arm around Tim'sshoulders as he read "Icy's Revenge.""That's pretty revealing. And it sounds just like Trey. Iwish he had told me a long time ago that he's gay. Or bi.Or whatever he is. I didn't even know how he felt about youuntil after that class, when we talked.""Well, babe, I'm sure you can help him with whatever newfeelings he's discovering. Just as I know you're going tohelp me. Trey's known about his gay side longer than Ihave, after all.""Jawohl," Cedric replied. "Herr Doktor Jones derpsychiatrist vill take care uf you bote."Laughing, Tim said, "You better watch how you `take care' ofTrey! But that brings me to the other thing we need to talkabout.""Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Prof." "A little payback, maybe," Tim said."What's in that `icy' mind of yours?""I've heard from your buddy Chaz, who's commanded me to beat their place at 7:00 tomorrow evening. I assume he andTrey still don't know I have the disk.""I haven't told them, and I asked Mark not to .""Good. I'll show up as ordered. But I need you and Mark tobe there, too. Be sure to tell Mark there will be no FORCEDsex. But this won't work unless Trey is willing. I think,after reading 'Icy's Revenge,' that he'll go along. Here'swhat I want you to do."After hearing Tim's plan, Cedric laughed and said, "I thinkTrey will be tickled to death about that. But I'm not surehow I feel. Should I be jealous?""No, I love YOU. I think Trey and I are going to becomegood friends. I hope I'll get to be good friends with allthree of your buddies.""My `brothers.'""OK. I think Trey won't mind too much getting a taste ofhis own medicine, Lolita Forum so to speak. And he WAS gentle with me,as I will be with him. I assume this will be his firsttime.""Oh, I imagine so. I think last Saturday night was hisfirst gay experience of any kind, and he was doing you, mypoor baby." He put his hand on Tim's face.Tim put his hand on Cedric's. "It wasn't so bad, you know.It was just good enough to make me realize a day or twolater that I wanted you to do it to me."Reassured, Cedric said, "So, Lolita Forum we all show up at Trey andChaz's place tomorrow night at 7:00?""Can you bring a marker that looks like the one they usedon me but that washes off?""You old softie! That'll be no prob," Cedric said,chuckling."Well then, stud, we both have things to do. See you inclass tomorrow and then again tomorrow evening.""And maybe in your office tomorrow afternoon for a littlequick lovin'?""I'll be there until about 3:00.""Right. See ya, ya hot little fuck." With that, he was outthe door.* Lolita Forum * *MARK:First, I want to say that I would never have gone along withthis if it was what it appeared to be. Ced told me,however, that Tim specifically wanted me to know there wouldbe no forced sex. Ced also told me that he had talked withTrey, who was willing to go along. And part of it, as I'mabout to explain, he was looking forward to. So, Ced hadcoached Trey and me in our roles Lolita Forum for the evening.But there's something else, too. My Pops and Ced are bothgay. I'm OK with that. Dad always said what people do intheir bedrooms is no one Lolita Forum else's business. I guess I neverwanted to think much about what gay guys do together. IKNEW, I just didn't want to think about it. Now, I'm aboutto describe a scene I watched where one of my best friendswas ass-fucked by my very best friend's new lover. As theysay, "how weird is that!" So it just goes to show what aguy will do for friendship, I suppose.A few minutes before seven on Friday, Tim came by ourapartment, and we all walked down the hall to the otherguys' place.Trey winked at us when he opened the door. "Look, Chaz," hesaid, "Tim's brought an audience."Chaz put his Heineken's on the table beside the sofa, stoodup, and said to my roomie and me, "Well, we didn't expectyou guys. But the more the merrier." Then, leering, hesaid, "Looks like you're going to get a real workouttonight, Timmy boy.""And what makes you think that, Chaz?" Tim asked with astraight face."Because, you're our sex slave now, professor. You're here,so you obviously remember that disk we've got. And while wehave the disk, you do what we want. I thought youunderstood that when you left here last time.""Oh, I got the message," Tim said, smiling now. "But I alsogot the disk."By this time, Trey, playing his part to perfection, hadwalked Lolita Forum over and stood by Chaz, facing the rest of us."YOU have the disk?" Trey said, managing to look surprised.Chaz asked, "How'd that happen?"I looked at Tim. He nodded."Simple, Chaz," I said. "When I found out what you Lolita Forum guyswere going to do to Dr. er, Tim Saturday night, I wanted nopart of it. That's why I stayed home. I wish now I hadtried to stop you. But at least Lolita Forum I wasn't going to beinvolved. When Ced got back late Saturday, I told him whathad happened and gave him the disk with the pix on it.""Oh, sheeeit, Mark," Chaz almost whined."And, my brothers," Ced added, "I gave the disk to Tim thenext morning.""So, gentlemen," Tim added, "I don't think the evening'sgoing to turn out quite as you two expected.""What do you mean?" Trey asked, looking nervous. Despitehis being in on the plan, he could have been nervous. Hiseyes were partly closed, so he was looking at us throughslits, like a cat.Chaz hadn't said anything, but he was beginning to lookconcerned, too. "OK," he said. "You win, so why don't youall just go and celebrate or something? Mark, I don't knowabout you, man.""No," Tim said, "I don't think so.""Sorry, Charles," Cedric added, grinning, "that's not theway it's gonna be.""Well what, then?" Chaz blustered."It's payback time," Tim said. "Think back to the events oflast Saturday night and be prepared for a reenactment, withyourselves on the other end."Trey's eyes lit up momentarily, opening wide now, but Ithink I'm the only one who noticed. He didn't Lolita Forum say anything."No way, man, are you gonna make me do that!" Chazexclaimed, still full of bluster."You might want to reconsider that, Chaz," I said. Lolita Forum "Thinkabout it. Tim has the disk. He, Ced, and I are willing totake the disk to the dean and tell him about the wholething. It will be embarrassing for the Lolita Forum professor, and I mayget in some Lolita Forum trouble. But it won't be anything like thetrouble you two will be in. Think about it."Trey turned to look up at Chaz. "Buddy, I think they haveus by the balls. I guess we have to do what they want."Chaz wasn't convinced. "Why should the dean believe you?""Because," Ced explained, "there are three of us. Tim's aprofessor. And I wasn't involved in it at all, so I'm animpartial third party.""Hell, Ced, we know you're not exactly impartial where thelittle professor is involved."Putting his arm around Tim's shoulders, Ced replied, "Yes,but the dean won't know that. I think you guys had justbetter give up.""I don't know," Chaz said. "I don't like this.""Well, duh!" I said. "You're not supposed to like it.You're supposed to think about how you made Tim feel lastweek."After some more grumbling, Chaz grabbed his forgotten beer,took a long pull, and asked nervously, "Then what happensnext?"He was about to find out.Ced wants me to put in lots of details about what happened.But I'm telling about this, and I'm going to do it my way."First," Tim said, "there's the matter of body hair. Youtwo have to lose yours."I don't think Ced had told Trey about that part because Treylooked as unhappy as Chaz with the news."Yeah, guys," Ced added, "we're going, as somebody said, to`let the punishment fit the crime'.""W. S. Lolita Forum Gilbert," Tim added almost automatically."So," Ced continued, ignoring Tim's correction, "since youtwo are so good with a razor, why don't you take yourclothes off and go into the bathroom?"Cedric led them into Trey's bedroom, Chaz following along,grumbling.Trey started to follow him. Then he turned back to us andmouthed, "Me, too?" Ced nodded, giving him a wicked smile.The culprits went into the bedroom, where Ced made them taketheir clothes off as Tim watched. I stayed in the hall.The bathrooms in our apartments are pretty large, but therewas no way all five of us were going to get in there. Cedwent in with Chaz and Trey. Tim stood in the doorway, and Iwatched over his shoulder."OK, Chaz," Cedric said, "it's time to let Trey know what itfeels like to Lolita Forum lose that nice happy trail and those blondpubes. Grab the stuff and get to work."Chaz, who by this time had quit muttering, took a can ofshave foam and applied it to Trey's pits, chest, abs, belly,and pubes. Then he began to scrape it off. Trey giggled ashis pits were being done and said, "Hey, that tickles."When it was all gone, Chaz made Trey turn around. Trey'sass is (or was) lightly covered with blond hair. Chaz tookit all off, even going into Trey's crack. When he hadfinished, Ced handed Chaz a towel. Chaz said, "He can dothat himself."It was Tim who spoke. "No, Chaz, I think you should dothat. Finish the job."So Chaz wiped the remainder of the shaving foam from Trey'sbody. I was surprised how gently he did it.Trey stood there looking like a kid. I mean the guy is asbig as I am, or at least as tall. But with his blondcoloring and shaved pubes, he looked like an over-growntwelve-year-old. I don't know how he was going to explainthat after tennis practice."OK guys," Cedric said, "You know what comes next. Trey,you make Chaz look just as adorable as you do.""Aw, man, does he HAVE to," Chaz whined."Yup, bro, that's the way it's got to be."Shaving Chaz was a bit of a project. First of all, he's sodamned big. Second, he has more hair Lolita Forum than any of the restof us. His chest Lolita Forum is (was) fairly hairy, and he had apronounced trail down and around his navel to his thickbrown pubes. Trey worked carefully around Chaz's nips anddown his front, going carefully into the dips in Chaz's abs.I hoped the drain wouldn't clog from the amount of hair Treywas rinsing down the sink.Chaz watched in the mirror, grimacing frequently. It wasreally bothering him to lose his hair.After the pubes were gone, Trey looked at Ced and Tim."There's a lot of hair in his crotch and some on his balls.How much of that do you want me to take off?""I think you can stop there. Don't want to cut his balls,"Tim said. "But you can turn him around and work on theother side."Chaz obediently but sullenly turned around. He had a lot ofhair on his asscheeks, which Trey shaved off, along with thehair in his crack. As he did this Chaz was surveying thedamage to his front in the mirror."Man, I'm dead. I can't let anybody see me like this!""Hey, Big Guy," I said, "did you think about that when youwere shaving Tim last week?""Well, no, but Lolita Forum . . .""But what? " Tim asked."Oh, nothing," Chaz replied.I wondered what he could possibly have said to excuse whathe had done, but I didn't say anything.Trey carefully and very thoroughly wiped the excess latheroff his roomie. And there they stood, a couple of pluckedchickens. Or a chicken and a turkey."Now, Ced," Tim asked, "did you bring the marker?"Ced produced a magic marker."Ok, Chaz," Tim said, "I want you to write on Trey exactlywhat you wrote on me.""Shit," Trey exclaimed, "does he HAVE to do that?""Why not, buddy?" Ced asked. "You guys did it to Tim."Chaz took the marker and wrote COCKSUCKER in large capsacross Trey's chest. Then Trey turned around, and Chazwrote FUCK HERE just above Trey's ass Lolita Forum crack, with an arrowpointing down."Your turn, Chaz," Tim said. "Give Trey the marker,please."Chaz handed Trey the marker."Now, Trey, I want you to think back to all the things Chazcalled me last Saturday in this apartment. Select a coupleof those epithets and write them in the same places onChaz.""Oh, jeez!" Chaz said, wincing.Trey thought a moment. Then I think his eyes lighted up ashe wrote "SEX SLAVE" across Chaz's chest and "PUSSYBOY"above his butt."Ok, Dr. Mead," Chaz said, "you've got your payback. Are wesquare now?""Not quite, Chaz. Do you remember what happened next lastweek?""You're not going to . . ." Chaz said, looking - scared, Iguess."Yes. But you wouldn't . . .?""Have you ever had someone shove his dick up your ass,Chaz?" Tim asked."No.""Well, neither had I.""But I'm not the one who did that," Chaz said, now with alook of fear in his eyes."No, but you would have. And you said you were going to.And you suggested that any of your friends who wanted towould be allowed to. So maybe you should see how it feelsto live under the threat of that."Chaz seemed to be thinking that over."So," Cedric chimed in, "we'll begin with our buddy Trey."Trey did a good job of looking scared. "Oh, fuck," he said.Ced grinned. "That's the general idea, Tiger!""Why don't we do this in the living room, where there'll beplenty of space?" Tim suggested.He led the way, with Trey Lolita Forum following. After him went Ced andthen Chaz. I brought up the rear.OK. Now I have to say all this. Yes, I was in this thatapartment last Friday night. I took pictures after we gaveTim the Viagra and the other stuff. I watched and clickedaway as we made him strip, do foolish things like getting acarrot stuck up his ass, and eventually jerking off withthat carrot still there.I'm ashamed I did that. But I had never before watched twoguys have sex together, and I didn't want to do that thisevening. Ced wanted me to be there, though, and that wasthe least I could do to make it up to my bro and to Tim.Maybe this was MY payback. Still, I am not going to go intodetail about what Lolita Forum I watched. That's not me. I watched it,and if they are OK with that, fine. Just don't expect me togive all the details.Trey, who was already naked (and shaved clean, don'tforget), after pretending to be very reluctant, was told tolean over and put his hands on the coffee table. Lolita Forum Ced wentinto one of the bedrooms and came back with some lube, whichhe handed to Tim.Tim, very gently, it seemed to me, lubed up Trey's ass, thenusing more lube, worked his finger inside. Trey stillseemed to be protesting. Then Tim dropped his khakis. Iguess I was surprised that he was freeballing, but it didmake things more convenient. Tim didn't bother to removethe dark green polo shirt he was wearing. His dick wasalready half hard, so obviously the little guy was ready forwhat he was about to do. Ced watched all of this verycarefully.Tim lubed up his cock, which got fully erect as he did, andbegan to push it very slowly into Trey's hole.When he asked if it hurt, Trey said it did, a little. Timpaused. Waited. Then Trey nodded a signal for Tim to goahead. I think there is where I could see that Trey wantedthis. I wonder if Chaz picked up on that. Ced and I knewthe score, of course, but if Chaz caught that, he might besuspicious. He WAS watching the whole thing carefully,frowning.Well, Tim entered, giving Trey plenty of time to get used toTim's - face it - modest cock. Tim began to pump, slowly atfirst, then with increasing speed. Trey grunted, trying hisbest, I think, to make it sound like something other thanpleasure. I watched Trey's face. His expression was intentat first, eyes Lolita Forum big. Then, as time passed, he partly closedhis eyes and began to smile.Tim didn't have the vengeful look you might expect on hisface, but instead looked like he was getting into what hewas doing. I noticed he was biting his lip. Why? Maybe tokeep from expressing the pleasure he was experiencing? Iwondered if Ced had anything to worry about there.After a while, Tim obviously came. He rested a moment,pulled out slowly, swatted Trey gently on the rump, andsaid, "Thanks, Trey." Then, still wearing his shirt, socks,and sneakers, he went into the bathroom to clean up.It wasn't until Trey straightened up that I could see howhard his cock was. He hadn't come, but he couldn't hide howturned on he was. He looked embarrassed as he scurried offtoward the bedroom to get into his clothes.By this point, Chaz was clearly very nervous. Remember, hewas still naked from the shaving. He had sat with his handsover his package during the whole thing, though whether as akind of self-protection or to hide his shaved pubes, I don'tknow.Tim was brilliant. He came back into the living room."Well, Chaz, are you ready for some of the same?""Er, NO!" Chaz said. The two men looked at each other, Chazstill sitting, still with his hands over his package."You think I can't do this again?" Tim asked."How would I know," Chaz asked, looking, not at Tim, butsort of off into space. He didn't say it belligerently, butmore or less as if he really wondered."OK, buddy,' Ced ordered, "why don't you get on your kneesand lean over the table. I don't think the l'il prof herecan reach you if you stand up."Chaz, looking pale, took the suggested position. I couldsee worry in his eyes, and despite what he had done, I feltsorry for him.Tim rested one hand on Chaz's butt for a moment. A longmoment. Then he said, "You know, Chaz. I think we'll waitand do this tomorrow night."Chaz was the only person in the room who didn't know thatthe delay had been planned all along. On his face was alook of sheer relief, as if the twenty-four hour reprievewas a commutation of his sentence. But he didn't move.From where I was standing, I could see that Chaz had thebeginning of a stiffie. With a tool as big as his, it washard to hide. He stayed where he was. "Tomorrow night?" heasked, probably to stall for time."Yeah, buddy," Ced chimed in, "why don't you and Trey cometo our place tomorrow night at 8:00 and we'll finish allthis up?""But I've got a date with Jen," Chaz said."Well, big guy," Ced replied, "you'll just have to cancel itor make it for late in the evening. And by then, bro, youmay be walking funny. You don't know what may happen tothat shaved ass of yours by the time you get to Jennifer."It sounds as if Chaz was getting harsher treatment thanTrey, but both Tim and Trey insisted that Chaz was the onewho really worked at taunting and humiliating Tim thatSaturday night.With that, Tim left the room. When he came back with hiskhakis on, Chaz stood up and went down the hall to thebedroom to put on his clothes.We all waited until he returned."OK, Chaz," Tim said. "Perhaps you should spend the timebetween now and tomorrow night thinking about treatingpeople with respect."As the three of us prepared to leave, Trey winked at usagain. He had a brilliant smile for Tim, a smile which Chazdidn't notice, absorbed, I suppose, in what had and had nothappened that evening and what might happen the next.Back in our apartment, the three of us had a beer andcompared notes on the evening's events."I ALMOST feel sorry for Chaz," Cedric said."I DO feel sorry for him," Tim replied. "But he needs tohave this time to think about what he did. Chaz has a lotof potential, but he needs to do some soul-searching.""A little plain old fear won't hurt, either," Ced added.After more talk, Tim went home. Ced and I had another beerand watched the stand-ups on Comedy Central for an hour orso before going to bed.* Lolita Forum * *CHAZ:When Ced and Mark and the prof left, I thought Trey might gowith them, but he didn't. He stayed in our apartment. Hewent into the kitchen and brought us both beers. He sat inone of the chairs, and I sat on the sofa."Want to talk about it?" he asked."No," I answered. Then I added, "I'm not the one who gotfucked."He looked sympathetic. "Right," he said. Then he asked,"You OK?""No, dammit, Trey, I'm not OK! We just had to shave eachother in front of three other guys. Tomorrow it looks as ifthe professor's going to stick his dick up my ass while youall watch. I'm sure as hell not OK."We sat there without talking for a while, just drinking ourbeer.Then Trey stood up, finished his beer and started toward thekitchen with his bottle. He paused, put his hand on myshoulder, and said, "Well, buddy. I'm going to hit theshower and turn in. Maybe we both need to think why all ofthis happened.""Yeah, right," I said.I flipped on the tv. There was a Cavs game on, but Icouldn't get into it. Unusual for me. Then I tried towatch Friday Night Standup, but I couldn't get into that,either. So, when Trey finished in the bathroom, I brushedmy teeth and went to bed.I didn't sleep well. I didn't have nightmares, but when Iwas awake, which seemed like most of the night, I keptthinking back to last Saturday, when I was telling the profhow he was a natural cocksucker, and a pussyboy, and acumdump, and how we were going to make him our sex slave andmake him like it.I don't know where that came from. Nobody's ever treated methat way. I hear other guys using those words. But I don'tthink I'm like that.I have to admit, though, that having that pathetic littletwerp totally under our control really was a turn-on. I'dnever had such power before. And it did look, when westarted all of this, like he had been shitty about Ced'sgrade. Lolita Forum Ced's cool. He didn't deserve that F.Mark tried to tell us the little guy explained all of thatand was willing to talk to the dean, but Trey and I didn'twant to listen.So I Lolita Forum guess what we did was wrong.I finally got to sleep about 3:00. Since the next morningwas Saturday, and I didn't have any classes, I slept inuntil about 10:00. Trey was gone somewhere when I got up.He had left lots of coffee. I had some juice and somecornflakes. I was still hungry, so I made some toast andput peanut butter and jelly on it and had that along with acup of Trey's coffee.When I went to dig out some clothes, I discovered I didn'thave any clean underwear, so I gathered up my stuff and puta load in the washer. At least these apartments have awasher and a dryer, so I didn't have to trek off to alaundromat or a laundry room somewhere.I shaved and then sat around in the gym shorts I slept inwaiting for the wash to finish. And I thought about whatwas coming up that evening. I remember that I had to tellJen, my date, something. I didn't know how long they weregoing to keep me, so I decided the decent thing to do wasjust cancel the date instead of trying to figure out when Icould pick her up. I'd ask Lolita Forum her if we could go to that showthe next night.But it was too early to call yet. Not a good idea to callpeople before noon on Saturday. I'd remember to call herlater. Jen's a nice girl. I'd make it up to her.As I waited for the wash, I had plenty of time to thinkabout what was coming.I had called Mead all those names. Now I had to get throughthe day with the understanding that I, Charles RobertGreeley, was going to have somebody's cock up MY ass.Mead's I supposed, but who knew what he had in mind? I hadmade him suck my rod. He wasn't very good at it, but what asense of power I had with him there on his knees, naked,slurping and sucking.I think I did feel sorry for him a couple of times, but eventhen I didn't quit. I just kept harassing him. Andtaunting him. Telling him he was going to be our slave, andrepeating that we were going to make him like it, and thatTrey and I would share him with our jock friends.Did I really do that? Yes. Why? I wish I knew.Then there's this other thing. I don't watch gay porn. I'mnot into that. Last Friday night was the first time I'dever seen anybody get something shoved up their ass. Andwho did it? Me, when I pronged the little guy with thatcarrot.Saturday night was the first time I had ever witnessed twoguys having sex. It should have been a real turn-off. ButI had the impression that both Mead and Trey were enjoyingit more than they let on last Saturday and last night too.And dammit, there was something sexy, something - what's theword - erotic, about watching those two naked guys going atit. Last week Trey was so tender with Mead, even when hewas supposed to be punishing him by fucking him. And thatdidn't turn me off. It made me like my buddy Trey evenbetter. Last night, the scariest thing was that, as I was there,bent over the coffee table waiting for Mead to prong me, Ihad to concentrate to keep from throwing a boner. What'swith that?So, as I thought ahead, I was worried that I was going toget fucked. And scared to death I might enjoy it.When I got the clothes washed, dried, and put away, I didn'tknow what to do. I thought of going to the gym and workingout for a while, but then I remembered my hairless bod andthe words Trey had written on it. No way was I going to thegym.I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I watched an NBAgame on the tv. It was one-sided. Somebody was clobberingthe Pistons.I must have fallen asleep, for the next thing I knew, Treycame in and I smelled pizza. It was 6:00, and he hadstopped somewhere on his way home and brought us supper.We broke out beer and scarfed down two large pizzas. Heseemed in a good mood, and he distracted me for a while.Then he smiled that killer smile that melts all the women.He's got these funny-colored eyes - hazel, I think they'recalled. He said, "Chaz, buddy, you're pretty ripe. Don'tyou want to get a shower before we go down the hall?"I realized that I had been in such a funk that I hadn'tshowered that day. So I took his suggestion. And guesswhat! The words on my chest and butt came off in theshower. Did somebody screw up, or was that on purpose?Just as we were leaving our place to go to Ced and Mark's,Trey grabbed my arm."What?" I said."Chaz, whatever Tim and Ced have in mind for you, you'll getthrough it. And Ced and Mark will still be your friends.And I'll still be your best bud. You know that, don't you?""Yeah, thanks. I appreciate that, guy."But I had the feeling that things were never going to be thesame.When we got there, Mead was already there. I said a nervoushello, and the others responded in what seemed to me to be avery friendly way. Tim was in one of the easy chairs. Markwas sitting cross-legged on the floor. Ced went into thekitchen and brought us both Coronas. He sat in the otherchair, leaving Trey and me to sit on the sofa.We drank our beers, and they just chatted, talking about thePistons' loss that afternoon, the upcoming baseball season,the tennis team. I thought they would probably get onto theweather next. And my hands got clammier and clammier.I finally had to interrupt. "Uh, guys," I said.They stopped their conversation and looked at me.Suddenly I Lolita Forum didn't know what to say. I was just speechlessfor a moment."What is it, Chaz," Mead asked. He looked sympathetic."Well, professor -- ""Chaz, a week ago you were calling me Timmy Boy and lotsworse. What's with the `professor'?""What SHOULD I call you?""These guys all call me Tim, at least outside class. What'swrong with that?""OK, I guess, if you don't mind.""I'd like that," he said. He wasn't exactly smiling at me,but there was a sort of crinkling around his eyes. Hedidn't look mad at me."OK, Chaz," Ced asked, "what were you going to say?""I guess I was going to say that the suspense is getting tome. Whatever you've got in mind, can we just get it over?""Let me ask you a question, Chaz," Tim asked."OK.""How have you felt since we all left your place last night?""To be honest, shitty. It's been one of the worst times ofmy life.""Why is that?" he continued."Well . . . partly, I guess, because I was worried aboutwhat you are going to do to me or make me do tonight.""Chaz," Ced asked, "can you imagine now how Tim felt when hehad to wait from Friday night to Saturday night to see whatyou guys were going to do to him?""Oh, yeah. I think I know exactly how you must have felt,uh, Tim.""You said that your bad time came partly from anxiety aboutthis evening. What caused the rest of it?" Tim asked,"A guilty conscience, I guess. What I did to you reallysucked."Tim began to laugh. Then the others joined in."What?""The way I heard it, Chaz," Mark said, "it was Tim who hadto do the sucking."I didn't feel like laughing, but I saw the unintentionalhumor in what I had said."I'm ashamed, Tim. I really am, man. So I guess I deservewhatever payback you've got in mind for tonight. Can wejust get on with it?"The little guy got up, came over to me, and offered hishand. I was really confused by that time. As I shook hishand, he said, "All that thinking you've done since lastnight is your payback, Chaz. Now, let's try to put all thisbehind us and be friends."Go figure. "Can I ask one more question?""Sure, what is it?" Tim asked."Those words Trey wrote on me came off in the shower.What's with that? Did somebody fuck up?" I asked, lookingat Ced."No.""Well, what, then?"Tim said, "As I said, sometimes the anticipation can be muchworse than the event." He looked at Trey and winked. Treygave him a big smile in return.It took me a while to figure out what Tim meant. Then I sawhis point. I still don't understand Lolita Forum the wink. "Yeah, Ithink I see what you mean. Like you said, the worry was thepunishment."I looked over at Trey, who had this big, shit-eatin' grin onhis face."You bastard," I said, "you were in on this whole thing,weren't you?""Yeah, roomie, I was."I took a long swallow of my Corona. Realizing I was off thehook, I relaxed and laughed with everybody else.(To be continued. If you are enjoying this story, I'd loveto hear from you. --Tim)
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